The Ministry

The Ministry of Finance of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg prepares and implements the budgetary, financial and fiscal policy of the State. In this capacity, the Ministry is also responsible for the public finances and the preparation of the budget. In addition, it defines the policy with regard to the financial sector, and is responsible for external relations with the various international financial institutions.

A large number of administrations are attached to the Ministry, such as the Luxembourg Inland Revenue and the Customs and Excise Agency.


The Grand-Ducal decree establishing ministries defines the attributions of the Ministry of Finance. 


Directors Committee

The Directors Committee meets on a weekly basis, under the chairmanship of the Minister, to discuss strategic and operational issues . The directors and the general coordinator participate in these meetings.

Directorate "Budget and financial center"

This Directorate is in charge of matters relating to the financial centre and public finances. It is also in charge of drafting national legislation in these areas.

It coordinates the ECOFIN and the Eurogroup meetings at the national level and represents the Ministry in national, European and international committees and working groups, dealing with financial services, financial stability, public finances as well as economic and structural policies. As such, it conducts studies and analyses underpinning  the development and implementation of policies in these areas.

It furthermore contributes to the development of the financial centre by promoting and steering actions to promote the banking sector, the investment funds industry, insurance and corporate banking, and to develop new activities such as FinTech and Green Finance.

This Directorate is also responsible for Luxembourg's relations with financial institutions, including the International Monetary Fund, the European Stability Mechanism, as well as credit rating agencies.

It serves as chair and secretariat of the Comité économique et financier national, and the Fonds souverain intergénérationnel, as well as the permanent secretariat of the Haut Comité de la place financière.


Direction directory (in French)

Directorate "Taxation"

The Directorate is in charge of all matters relating to national taxation (direct and indirect) and all kind of tax revenue of the State. To this end it participates in all the work that takes place on this subject at the national level (Forecast Committee, CES, etc.). At the international level, it follows the latest fiscal developments (exchange of information, beps, etc.).

Direction directory (in French)

Directorate "Multilateral Affairs, Development and Compliance"

The Directorate is responsible for the relations with the international financial institutions, of which Luxembourg is a member. It supervises and develops the multilateral development assistance program, financed by the Ministry of Finance, and follows the development of the financing of international trade through the work of the Office du Ducroire.

In the area of compliance, the Directorate monitors compliance by Luxembourg with the obligations specifically contracted in the context of the fight against money laundering, corruption and the financing of terrorism as well as the initiatives of the G20, OECD, FATF and of the World Forum.

Direction directory (in French)


Directorate "Administration and domains"

The Directorate is in charge of the management of human resources and the internal organization of the Ministry.

In terms of public policy, the Directorate ensures the efficient use of the State's properties.

Direction directory (in French)

General Secretariat

The General Secretariat ensures the coordination of the different services of the Ministry. In that regard, it works closely together with the different departments of the Ministry, the Government Council as well as the Chamber of Deputies.

The General Secretariat acts as the default contact point and forwards the various requests over to the Directorates. 

General Secretariat Directory (in French)

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