Fund to combat certain forms of crime


The mission of the Fund is to promote the development, coordination and implementation of means to combat certain forms of crime. From a financial point of view, the Fund is an instrument that allows the use of money confiscated in cases of drugs, money laundering or financing of terrorism to fight these crimes.

The Fund takes the form of a public institution endowed with legal personality and has therefore financial autonomy with regards to the implementation of its projects.

The Fund is financed by all movable and immovable property, divided and undivided, confiscated in application of the legislation against drugs, money laundering or terrorist financing.


Strategic priorities for the next years

The Fund's level of income is very irregular. Nevertheless, on the basis of its reserves, the Fund intends to maintain a more or less constant level of funding for its projects, both at the international and national levels.


Board members



M. KAMPHAUS Jean-Luc (State)



  • Ms DESORBAY Tara (State)
  • Ms  KOTOULA Polyxeni (State)
  • Mr ORIGER Alain (State)


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